Campaign Goals

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Second Darkness is a campaign adventure path that will take a group of heroes from the newly minted wet-behind-the-ears stages of life to the later level 15 area levels.

One of the goals to is to have fun. Second Darkness is a really fun setting set in the world of Golarion. Because of its nature, success or failure (oh yes, failure is always an option). You as the player have a hand in deciding the fate of the world. Will you save it through your actions, or allow it to be destroyed through inaction?

I am pleased that so many of you decided to take the survey. It isn’t perfect, I know. There are a few questions I wish I would have asked now that I think of them, but I had already began collecting responses by the time I thought of them so adding them was out of the question.

This was my first attempt at creating a survey to precede the creation of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. I am pleased with how it turned out and the responses. These will assist me in tailoring the world and help avoid some potential pitfalls.

As with most things, people are not perfect. It is a nature of our very existence. As you play, please try to keep this in mind by being patient with the GM, your party members and most importantly, yourself. Sometimes things will not happen the way you thought they would. Sometimes a roll did not happen the way you hoped it might. Instead of getting angry or frustrated at the source of the problem, instead seek to come up with a solution. It might be hard at first but the more you try the better you will become.

Turning defeat into victory is the very essence of a good story. You can never rise to great heights if you’ve never tasted the bitterness of defeat.

Thank you for reading this excerpt and welcome to Riddleport.

Campaign Goals

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